RushPCB BGA Assembly Rework

Sometimes, your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) need to be repaired (reworked) because of defects or modifications, as they are being assembled for market.

Does your outside assembly house have the equipment and expertise rework your PCBs, especially those with Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs), to the quality you expect?

Rush PCB has the equipment, and trained personnel, to rework your PCBs.

Once in a while, a BGA is found to be defective on a circuit board during the assembly process. Maybe there are engineering changes; upgrades, modifications, poor connections or repairs, etc., and many PCBs need to be fitted out with different BGAs.

Regardless of the reason, there are times a BGA needs to be removed, and then reinstalled or replaced on the PCB.

When doing the rework process, the solder connections underneath the BGA need to be heated for reflow, without damaging the BGA, unsoldering or damaging the rest of the components on the board, and without damaging the PCB itself.

The rework process starts with preheating the circuit board, so it is not thermally shocked. Then, with just enough heat applied to the BGA to flow the solder underneath it, the BGA is removed.

If the BGA is to be reused, it has to be re-balled: the old solder is removed, the BGA is cleaned, and new solder, in the form of measured balls, is flowed onto the pads.

The newly re-balled BGA, or a new one, is placed on the circuit board. The PCB is preheated, and then the BGA is heated, reflowing the solder and forming new connections.

Once the reworked printed circuit board is cleaned and inspected, it is ready for shipment.

The professional and high quality rework at RUSH PCB Inc. insures that all printed circuit boards follow the strictest standards.

Call or email us at with questions or to obtain more information.

Please call or email us at with questions or to obtain more information. you.

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