RushPCB Military and Aerospace Assembly

Lives depend on the Military and Aerospace products you provide. These devices have to work for the entire period of time they are in use, not only as they leave the factory.

The devices have to continue to function correctly and reliably under harsh, and sometimes severe, conditions, including:
High moisture and humidity
High heat
Freezing cold
Interfering Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Destructive Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP)

Because of this need for reliability, you have designed your products to meet the highest standards, and when it comes to Military and Aerospace assembly, RUSH PCB is ITAR approved and we puts quality and dependability first.

We know these devices need to be dependable under harsh conditions, so special assembly procedures are implemented. Our qualified experts use the highest grade materials, assuring you the finished Military and Aerospace products meet and exceed all requirements.

Above and beyond normal assembly, we:
Solder the press-fit components to decrease vibration issues
Pre-tin stranded and braided wire
Mount heat producing components with clearance space to protect the circuit board and other components from the heat, and apply thermal compound where it is needed
Double check heat settings (thermal profiles) of the reflow and wave soldering processes, so the components are not damaged, but are soldered correctly
Apply high quality acrylic-based sprays to coat the PCBs with a protective conformal coating
Inspect 100% of the PCBs and assemblies as they are completed

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