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PCBA Quote – Input Specifications
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PCB Specifications
Dimension (Inch)*:  X   
Inner Copper (oZ)*:
Outer Copper (oZ)*:
Smallest Hole*:
Minimum Trace/Space*:
No. of Gold Finger*:
Assembly Specifications
Double Sided Assembly*
Board Size *   X  
Total Unique Parts * (BOM # line items)
Placement Per Board
No. of Standard SMD Parts Per Board *
No. of SMD Fine Pitch Parts Per Board*
No. of Through Hole Parts Per Board *
No. of BGA Parts Per Board *
Total # of Components *
(Computed by System)
Quantity *

If you require additional process like Dielectric Thickness,Impendance Control,Mask Tented, Counter Sink,Counter Bore, Blind/Buried Vias,Carbon Ink, Edge Plating,Via in Pad and Silver Filled Vias

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We are placing 2400 ball BGAs and 0.007" pitch flip chips.
We have best equipment to handle your complex designed PCBAs.
We have served the following industries: Consumer, Telecom, Industrial Equipment, Wireless ,RF, WiMax, WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, Medical,Handheld, UMPC, GPS, PID, Audio/ Video Products, FPGA,Reference Design, User Interface, & Software Development.

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