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RUSHPCB is a U.S based company that delivers the very best value and quality for PCB Prototypes and large scale productions. We offer great product quality, quick turn-around lead times at prices that cannot be beaten by our competitors. Our experienced engineers and useful sales support personnel will make sure you get exactly what you need according to your specifications. We are ISO 9001-2008 licensed and are equipped to supply you outstanding quality and functionality. All of our productions weather it be flex or rigid are fabricated and assembled in the U.S.A with full in house capabilities along with a management staff with more than twenty five years of combined PCB manufacturing experience.

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    You guys are an incredibly quick, professional and reliable service and I recommend you at every opportunity inside my company (we are growing very quickly). Your turn around on these boards is greatly appreciated. It is a direct contribution to our manufacturing capability. I will be happy to point you to some press releases when this product goes to market and show where you guys added in. The design was not easy to build with laser drill, 3 mil line and spacing, control impedance, 663 parts per board, Total of 80 BOM line items. You guys turn around full Turnkey in 5 days….Amazing work. Much appreciated.


    Joe -Senior Design Enginner


    Hi Roy,
    Thanks. I'm really behind the eight ball on this one.. Anything you can do! By the way those quick 3 days turn boards & assembly you did are working perfectly!


    John -CFO/Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    Thanks! I am looking forward to getting the boards and building/selling them. You've earned some serious customer loyalty, that's for sure!


    Les Hall -Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Ricky,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did. We are about 50% through our testing and everything looks great so far. This high quality and speed on this job has really made a difference in achieving our ramp and time-to-market schedule.


    Joe -Senior Electrical Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    Got those four boards and once again, perfect!

    Thanks for such great service!!

    John DeCesare -Design Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    I’ve received the 12 layers Polyimide assemblies. Beautifully done PWAs; Boards and Assembly workmanship is very impressive.


    Ron M -Design Engineer


    Just finalizing this now and you will have it to you shortly.As for the PO for the 10 pcs, we dont require this at this point.Any parts you cant obtain, I may have stock here and can put them on myself

    Thanks Roy

    Robert Patterson, B.Tech -Engineering Supervisor, TPMS


    We have the Boost and Rectifier assembled boards in - so far they look excellent. Great work guys.

    Mike, -Design Engineer


    I am sending the pictures of the product that we have been working on using the PCB that we purchased from you. I like seeing the finished product when I work on projects so I thought I’d share. The suitcase contains the ACM board. The two longer plastic cases contain the FM16 PCB, controller PCB, radio PCB, and power supply PCB. The shorter module contains, GPM PCB, power supply PCB, controller PCB, and radio PCB. Many thanks to all of you who helped us get this far.




    Roy, Ricky,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the good work on the quick turn PCB that we just placed with you guys. The quality is great, and I appreciate how easy it is to deal with you guys.

    Thanks again,



    Just wanted to commend you guys on your work on our PCB's. They look great and perform just as they should.We will be using you guys more in the future for our PCB order.

    Zane L. Brown -Senior Product Designer